Saturday, December 1, 2012

Crest Whitestrips Products

Whitening strips are a popular choice among teeth whitening products, and Crest Whitestrips are by far the most common type of whitening strip. The Whitestrips family has many different products, but they come in two primary lines: over the counter and in-office availability. Additionally, there are some Whitestrips products that have been discontinued.

Classic Whitestrips are the original Whitestrips, originally just known as Crest Whitestrips. These were first introduced in 2001, and they contain 6% hydrogen peroxide. They are designed to be used on both the upper and lower sets of teeth for 14 days.

Daily Whitening Multicare
Daily Whitening Multicare strips are the mildest strips available. They contain 6% hydrogen peroxide like the Classic strips, but are designed to be worn for only 5 minutes at a time for 42 days. These are great for people with the most sensitive teeth, and they are good for maintaining whiteness after using some of the more intense teeth whitening products.

Daily Whitening Multicare   Tartar Protection
These are the same as the Daily Whitening Multicare strips, but they include a tartar fighting element. This is useful for people who have a difficult time controlling tartar.

Premium Whitestrips are a step up from the Classic strips. They contain 10% hydrogen peroxide and are designed to be worn for only seven days. These do a better job of whitening in less time than the Classic strips.

Premium Plus
These strips are no longer marketed under this name, but are now called Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects.

Pro Effects
Pro Effects Whitestrips are a step up from the Premium strips; they contain the same amount of hydrogen peroxide (10%), but they are worn for ten days instead of the usual seven.

Advanced Seal
Advanced Seal Whitestrips was Crest's answer to consumer complaints of having difficulty of keeping the strips in place. The Advanced Seal strips come with a stronger adhesive to prevent sliding off of the teeth; users can smoke, eat, or drink while these strips are on the teeth.

The Renewal strips are no longer sold. They contained 9.5% hydrogen peroxide, making them weaker than the ones previously discussed, and they were designed to be used for 10 days.

The Professional strips are no longer sold. They contained 6.5% hydrogen peroxide and were designed to wear for 21 days. These were the first strips that were available only in-office; users could not buy these without getting them from his or her dentist.

The Supreme strips are the most powerful Whitestrips that Crest produces. They contain 14% hydrogen peroxide and are designed to be worn for 21 days. These strips are not available over the counter; users must get them from his or her dentist.

A user deciding between the Whitestrips products should consider both his or her budget and the level of sensitivity of his or her teeth. The higher the hydrogen peroxide content, the more expensive the product and the more prone to causing sensitivity in the teeth and gums. If a user experiences sensitivity when using any Whitestrips product, he or she should stop treatment. When the sensitivity subsides, it is safe to use the Whitestrips again.

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