Saturday, December 1, 2012

Crooked Teeth Guide

Having crooked teeth is both unattractive and embarrassing. How can you possibly flash a smile, without thinking that you wouldn't be ridiculed for doing so? Crooked teeth clearly don't look flattering. Worst of all, the bent and misshaped canines could be a precursor for more serious dental problems. It's just a matter of time before a person notices some pain coming from his or her crooked teeth. 

The Dental Solution
A set of bent and stained teeth may look grim, but there are more than a few solutions to the problem, given the concepts of dentistry. Dentists have the skills and the know-how to straighten and clean crooked teeth. If you let a professional examine your teeth, he or she can isolate the problems and provide the remedies. 

Installation of Dental Implements
To straighten crooked teeth, dentists apply braces or retainers. They, first, examine the positions of the affected areas. Teeth that are bent sideways and out of alignment are remedied by braces. As for protruding canines, retainers are implanted, so they will straighten, gradually. The patient is advised to wear the implements for a year or two, until the desired effect materializes. The procedure is a bit painful, but with a dose of anesthesia, you'd surely breeze through it. 

The Need for Dental Implants
For severe cases, installing dental implants may be necessary, particularly if the teeth are too badly damaged to be addressed by braces or retainers. The damaged teeth will be extracted. When the wounds heal, mini dental implants will be fitted in the gaps. Implants look like perfect teeth, so you'd have a very nice set after the operation. 

Prepare Your Budget for Costly Procedures
Dental procedures are quite costly, so you must prepare your budget, before going through with the treatments, better yet, get full coverage dental insurance. In the case of straightening crooked teeth, you must have quite a handful to shoulder the expenses. Full coverage dental insurance gives you enough breathing room on your budget, since the costs will be shouldered by the insurance company. Just practice proper fund allocation, so you won't have any trouble paying for the monthly premiums.

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